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Who are we

SLEX, a fast-growing centralized exchange, is revolutionizing crypto and commodity trading. Our mission is to amplify your trading experience by integrating commodities, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and implementing advanced trading bots. The unique SLEX API enhances our closed platform, specifically tailored for crypto-fiat products.

We invite you to take advantage of our listing opportunity before the end of 2023, offering substantial bonuses and comprehensive support. As SLEX stands on the cusp of launching significant innovations and extending our platform's capabilities, the cost of listing is set to increase. Act now to benefit from a prompt and economical listing process.

What you will get

  • Fast Listing Integration - ERC20 or custom
    blockchain integration;
  • Personal Manager;
  • Multi-Channel Promotion Campaigns;
  • Support & Consultancy;
  • Market Making by our party verified partners;
  • Extra Tools Integration;
  • Listing and high rate on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko;
  • Low spread and high liquidity for buying and selling;
  • Buying a token from local payment Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, Swift;
  • Access to SLEX Launchpad;

We are happy to help build your project from scratch and support your to get success


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Listing ERC20 tokens
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Assist and Support

24/7 communication with a SLEX manager, co-marketing, and support for the development of joint companies.



1. How do we list our token on SLEX?
To list your token on SLEX, start by filling out our online Listing Application form available on our website. This form requires detailed information about your token, your team, and your project's vision. After submission, our team will review your application and get in touch with you for the next steps.
2. What are the requirements to get listed on SLEX?
The primary requirements for listing on SLEX include a fully functional product or project, a strong and active community, clear legal compliance, a detailed whitepaper, and a commitment to maintaining security and transparency. We also assess the uniqueness and innovation of your project and its potential impact on the crypto market.
3. What is the cost of listing?
The cost of listing on SLEX varies based on several factors, including the nature of the token, the required technical integration, and promotional activities. We offer competitive and flexible pricing, which will be discussed in detail after the initial application review.
What is the listing process at SLEX?
The listing process at SLEX involves several steps:
  • Submission of the application form with all required details.
  • Preliminary review by our team to assess the eligibility and potential of the project.
  • Due diligence and comprehensive review, including legal compliance, technical evaluation, and security checks.
  • Finalizing the listing agreement, which includes terms, costs, and promotional strategies.
  • Technical integration and testing to ensure smooth functionality on our platform.
  • Official listing announcement and commencement of trading on the agreed date.

Pay Attention!

SLEX Team will contact you only via [email protected]
Please make your own research before start
communication and exchange private info.


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