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SLEX is a leading international centralized cryptocurrency and commodity trading exchange, offering an extensive array of products and services. These services cater to both novice and experienced traders and include AI trading, trading bots, staking, futures trading, and tokenized asset trading.
Tokens for sale
5000000 SLEX
Token price
1 SLEX = $0.2
Individual cap
15.02.24 - 17.02.24
Accepted currencies
Launchpad finished


SLEX Token
The SLEX token, a utility token with special deflationary mechanisms powered by buyback and burn techniques, is the central component of SLEX's creative ecosystem. Reduced trade costs, first dibs on presents, and chances to earn passive revenue through staking are all available to token holders. Early access to projects that show promise on the SLEX Launchpad is made possible by the SLEX token, opening doors to new prospects in the cryptocurrency industry.
Trading Features
The SLEX Exchange is widely recognized for its sophisticated trading capabilities. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, the platform provides automated trading solutions that streamline intricate trading strategies for its users. SLEX is a notable platform for commodity trading, which enables participants to explore markets pertaining to physical assets such as platinum and gold, eliminating the need for physical deliveries.
The SLEX Centralized Exchange provides an extensive spot market for cryptocurrencies, enabling limit and market orders for a vast array of prominent trading pairs. The aforementioned adaptability is augmented by the platform's worldwide scope, which grants users access to more than one hundred distinct tokens and accommodates a diverse international clientele.
Security Measures
SLEX Exchange has put in place stringent security protocols to safeguard user funds and information. By allocating a substantial portion of trading fees to a secure asset fund, an additional level of financial security is provided. As an additional precaution against unanticipated occurrences, SLEX maintains a comprehensive insurance fund to safeguard user assets.
The implementation of cold storage solutions and distributed ledgers guarantees the utmost levels of security and dependability for data. The platform's dedication to integrity and confidence is demonstrated through its Commodity Proof of Reserves, which is supported by a significant infusion of liquidity from a globally recognized mining collaborator. By adhering to the CryptoCurrency Security Standards (CCSS), SLEX reinforces its commitment to protecting user interests.
Rewarding System
The purpose of SLEX's bonus system is to encourage and reward its user base. Users have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive rewards through the platform's referral program by referring new traders to SLEX. This system ensures that both referrers and referees derive mutual benefits while also promoting community development.
SLEX Token Sale and Economics
Total Token Supply
400,000,000 SLEX
Token Sale Vesting Period
10% after TGE
3 months cliff
15% linear unlock over 6 month
Token Standard
Token Distribution Start