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+How can I interpret the charts on SLEX?

The crypto assets displayed here are ranked by popularity, and you can adjust the list by 'Today's change' to see the 24-hour price variation, offering a swift glance at the top performers and those lagging for the day.

+Can you explain the term 'daily volume'?

The term 'daily volume' refers to the total number of shares or contracts of an asset (like a cryptocurrency, stock, or commodity) that are traded on a specific exchange within a single day. In the context of the crypto world, daily volume indicates how much of a particular cryptocurrency has been bought and sold on an exchange in the past 24 hours. It's a useful metric to gauge the liquidity and activity of an asset. A higher daily volume suggests strong interest and activity for that asset, while a lower volume might indicate less trading interest. Monitoring daily volume can help traders understand market momentum and investor interest for a particular asset.

+How are coin prices determined on SLEX?

Our pricing engine is dynamic and constantly scans for price changes from the SLEX exchange. As we receive these data, we recalibrate and update prices without delay. Our focus is primarily on trading volumes and real-time data coming from our exchange for a more consistent price presentation.

+Is the daily volume of a cryptocurrency significant?

Yes, the daily volume of a cryptocurrency is significant. It represents the total amount of that cryptocurrency traded within a 24-hour period. High daily volume indicates strong liquidity, meaning assets can be bought or sold quickly without major price changes. It also suggests strong investor interest. Conversely, low volume might hint at a lack of interest or a stagnant market. Often, high volumes can validate price trends, confirming bullish or bearish sentiments in the market.

+How does SLEX compute the daily volume?

SLEX computes the daily volume by aggregating all the trades of a specific cryptocurrency that have occurred on our platform within a 24-hour period. This involves summing up the amounts of both buy and sell transactions to provide an overall indication of trading activity for that particular day. Our sophisticated systems continuously monitor and update these values in real-time, ensuring users always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date volume data on the market.