Akash Network (AKT)

Discover Akash Network (AKT), a decentralized cloud computing platform. Utilize AKT to deploy, scale, and manage applications in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Experience the future of cloud computing with Akash Network.

Akash Network (AKT) Price Real Time-Data

The live price of Akash Network (AKT) is $5.36 with a 24-hour trading volume of $27.64M. Its 24-hour peak value is $0, and its 24-hour low is $0. The current circulating supply is 237.9M AKT, out of a maximum of 388.54M AKT, leading to a fully diluted market capitalization of $1.28B. The Akash Network (AKT) to USD price is updated in real-time.

What is Akash Network (AKT)?

Akash Network is a groundbreaking cloud computing platform that operates on a decentralized model. It disrupts traditional cloud services by providing an open-source marketplace for computing resources. This innovation aims to offer users unprecedented speed, efficiency, and affordability in accessing essential cloud resources.
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Who are the founders of Akash Network (AKT)?
Akash Network was founded in March 2018 by Overclock Labs, led by Greg Osuri and Adam Bozanich. Greg Osuri serves as the CEO, while Adam Bozanich is the CTO. Before Akash, Osuri founded AngelHack and Overclock Labs, while Bozanich held leadership roles in Symantec, One Kings Lane, and Marketron.
How many Akash Network (AKT) are there?
Initially, 100,000,000 AKT tokens were issued out of a maximum supply of 388,539,008. These tokens were distributed with an inflationary model to support early adoption and reduce service costs. Inflation rates decrease daily and halve over a span of two to four years.
What are the potential use cases for Akash Network (AKT)?
Akash Network has various potential applications, including:
Hosting cloud-native applications: It provides a platform for deploying cloud-native applications, enhancing price-performance and scalability for decentralized organizations and applications.
Decentralized cloud computing: Akash distributes underutilized cloud capacity, offering more cost-effective and efficient cloud computing services compared to centralized alternatives.
Open-source technology: With a commitment to open-source technology, Akash aims to be significantly cheaper than centralized cloud computing providers, appealing to businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.
What is the history of Akash Network (AKT)?
Akash Network began as a project by Overclock Labs in March 2018, initially focusing on a traditional multi-cloud deployment platform. However, the company shifted its focus to launching a decentralized cloud computing marketplace to decentralize cloud computing. After several testnet releases, Akash Mainnet went live in September 2020, followed by notable upgrades in subsequent releases, introducing features like persistent storage, GPU support, and interoperability enhancements. Over time, Akash has garnered support from various partners, including data centers, technology firms, and capital investors, showcasing its growing prominence in the cloud computing space.