Hoge Finance (HOGE)

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Hoge Finance (HOGE) Price Real Time-Data

The live price of Hoge Finance (HOGE) is $0.000023 with a 24-hour trading volume of $27.84K. Its 24-hour peak value is $0, and its 24-hour low is $0. The current circulating supply is 393.52B HOGE, out of a maximum of 394.69B HOGE, leading to a fully diluted market capitalization of $9.43M. The Hoge Finance (HOGE) to USD price is updated in real-time.

What is Hoge Finance (HOGE)?

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is a community-driven DeFi auto-staking ERC-20 token with a capped and deflationary supply. It launched with no tokens allocated to the team, aiming to be a deflationary "Doge but DeFi" token, focusing on philanthropy and utility.
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Who are the founders of Hoge Finance (HOGE)?
Hoge Finance was founded by a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Notable figures include Joseph Niehaus, Zach Issa Al-Kharusy, Marc-Antoine Belairis, and Florin Podaru, each bringing expertise in technology, talent management, operations, and business development.
How many Hoge Finance (HOGE) are there?
The circulating supply of HOGE is 402,276,464,812 tokens out of a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. Half of the initial supply was burned at launch, and the token has a 2% tax on each transaction, contributing to its deflationary nature.
What are the potential use cases for Hoge Finance (HOGE)?
HOGE serves various purposes, including NFT minting, value exchange on the blockchain, collateral for smart contracts in DeFi, and sponsorship of eSports and Rally Racing Trucks. Its deflationary tokenomics and philanthropic initiatives set it apart in the crypto space.
What is the history of Hoge Finance (HOGE)?
Hoge Finance originated as a deflationary token aiming to merge Dogecoin's meme culture with DeFi. Over time, it evolved into a project with a philanthropic roadmap, focusing on initiatives like NFT minting, charity campaigns, and governance through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). HOGE's journey has been marked by community-driven efforts and continuous development to enhance its ecosystem and utility.