Immutable (IMX)

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IMX Price Real-Time Data

The live price of Immutable (IMX) is $1.67, experiencing a significant transaction volume of $41.95M over the past 24 hours. Its 24-hour peak price is $1.6914, its 24-hour low is $1.5744. Currently, there are 1.54B IMX in circulation, indicating a vibrant market presence.

About Immutable (IMX)

Immutable is a blockchain technology company that specializes in the development of a secure and scalable trading infrastructure for digital assets, with an emphasis on gambling and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Immutable X, their principal offering, is a layer-2 scaling solution designed for Ethereum to facilitate swift and gas-free transactions.

History of Immutable

Immutable was founded in Sydney, Australia. The company initially gained attention with the success of their first game, "Gods Unchained," a digital trading card game that leveraged blockchain technology.
Development of Immutable network X: In response to the high gas fees and scalability issues on the Ethereum network, Immutable developed Immutable X. This platform was designed to enable high-speed, gas-free transactions while maintaining the security of the Ethereum blockchain.
Partnerships and Growth: Immutable has formed partnerships with various companies in the NFT and gaming spaces, helping to expand its reach and influence.

How Immutable Works

1. Layer-2 Scaling: Immutable X operates as a layer-2 solution, sitting on top of Ethereum's existing layer-1 blockchain. This design allows for faster and cheaper transactions while leveraging the security of Ethereum.
2. Zero Gas Fees for NFTs: One of the standout features of Immutable X is the elimination of gas fees for NFT transactions, making it more accessible and cost-effective for users and developers.
3. Sustainability: Immutable X uses a technology called Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) to batch transactions off-chain before finalizing them on Ethereum, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional Ethereum transactions.

Key Advantages

- Scalability: Handles a high number of transactions per second, addressing one of the major limitations of the Ethereum mainnet.
- Security: Inherits the robust security model of Ethereum while providing additional layers of security unique to Immutable X.
- Developer and User Friendly: Offers a seamless experience for developers and users, with easy integration and user-friendly interfaces for trading and managing NFTs.
- Interoperability: Ensures assets remain interoperable with the broader Ethereum ecosystem, an important consideration for NFT collectors and traders.

Role in the Gaming Ecosystem

- NFT Integration in Games: Immutable is particularly focused on the gaming sector, enabling game developers to integrate NFTs into their games easily.
- Marketplace for Gaming Assets: Provides a platform for the trading of in-game assets, ensuring authenticity and ownership while enabling a new economy within the gaming world.
- Open Ecosystem: Supports a broad range of applications and games, fostering an open and inclusive ecosystem for blockchain gaming.
Immutable has made a substantial impact on the gaming and blockchain industries, specifically by tackling the issues of scalability and transaction costs that plague Ethereum. As a result, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are rendered more feasible and accessible for an extensive array of applications.
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What is Immutable (IMX)?
Immutable (IMX) is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, focusing on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It aims to provide fast and secure transactions with zero gas fees for trading NFTs, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of Ethereum.
How does Immutable (IMX) work?
Immutable operates by utilizing layer-2 technology for Ethereum, enabling high-speed transactions and improved scalability. It allows users to create and trade NFTs with reduced transaction costs and minimal environmental impact.
Is IMX safe to invest in?
Investing in IMX involves risks typical to the cryptocurrency market, such as IMX token price volatility. Investors should research thoroughly and understand the technology and market trends before investing.
How do I buy Immutable (IMX) on SLEX Exchange?
To buy crypto IMX on SLEX Exchange, users need to sign up for an account, complete required verification, deposit funds or add a payment method, and place an order to purchase an IMX coin.
How can I store my IMX securely after purchasing on SLEX?
After purchasing IMX, secure storage can be done in SLEX Exchange, a private wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as hardware or software wallets.
What determines the price of 1 Immutable (IMX) in fiat currencies on SLEX?
The price of 1 IMX in fiat currencies on SLEX is determined by supply and demand in the market, influenced by factors such as the overall performance of Ethereum's NFT sector and the broader cryptocurrency market.
What advantages does SLEX offer for IMX to fiat currency conversion without account registration?
SLEX offers quick transactions and a user-friendly platform for IMX to US Dollar or other fiat currency conversion, along with a degree of anonymity for transactions without account registration.
How can I track today's price of 1 Immutable (IMX) on SLEX for investment purposes?
The current price of 1 IMX on SLEX can be tracked via the exchange’s trading chart and information desk, which provides real-time pricing and market data.
How does SLEX ensure the best rates for IMX to fiat currency conversions?
SLEX uses real-time data feeds and market analysis tools to ensure competitive rates for IMX to fiat currency conversions.
What limits apply to purchasing Immutable (IMX) on SLEX with a credit card without verification?
SLEX imposes a purchase limit of up to 900 Euro (EUR) for unverified credit card transactions. Post this limit, users are required to complete account verification as per regulatory compliance.