Klaytn (KLAY)

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Klaytn (KLAY) Price Real Time-Data

The live price of Klaytn (KLAY) is $0.2 with a 24-hour trading volume of $45M. Its 24-hour peak value is $0, and its 24-hour low is $0. The current circulating supply is 3.62B KLAY, leading to a fully diluted market capitalization of $732.99M. The Klaytn (KLAY) to USD price is updated in real-time.

What is Klaytn (KLAY)?

Klaytn is a globally renowned Layer 1 public blockchain developed by Kakao, offering ultra-low latency, high reliability, and a user-friendly environment. Launched in 2019, it powers diverse applications from DeFi to gaming, with over 1 billion transactions processed.
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Who are the founders of Klaytn (KLAY)?
Founded by Kakao's blockchain subsidiary, GroundX, Klaytn was launched in 2019. The Klaytn Foundation, formed to drive global expansion, oversees the ecosystem. Notable figures include Yonatan Sompolinsky and a dedicated team of developers.
How many Klaytn (KLAY) are there?
Klaytn's native digital asset, KLAY, has a circulating supply of 3.2 billion out of 10 billion initially issued. The emission rate ensures a steady supply, with 9.6 KLAY minted per block for distribution among designated accounts.
What are the potential use cases for Klaytn (KLAY)?
Klaytn serves a myriad of purposes, from DeFi applications to real-world assets and gaming. Its fast transaction speeds and robust infrastructure make it ideal for enterprise-level solutions, including the Bank of Korea's CBDC pilot project.
What is the history of Klaytn (KLAY)?
Developed by Kakao's GroundX, Klaytn launched in 2019, focusing on enhancing blockchain adoption. With its advanced features like 1-second deterministic finality and Ethereum compatibility, Klaytn has become a preferred choice for enterprises and large-scale applications worldwide.