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N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) Price Real Time-Data

The live price of N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) is $0 with a 24-hour trading volume of $0. Its 24-hour peak value is $0, and its 24-hour low is $0. The current circulating supply is 2020.2B NWORDPASS, out of a maximum of 2020.2B NWORDPASS, leading to a fully diluted market capitalization of $0. The N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) to USD price is updated in real-time.

What is N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS)?

N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) is a token designed to aid online forum moderation by implementing graded penalties for rule violators. It enables forums to create an escrow system where tokens are deposited and deducted from user accounts based on the severity of their violations.
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Who are the founders of N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS)?
The founders of N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) aren't explicitly mentioned in the provided text.
How many N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) are there?
N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) has a maximum supply of 2,020.2 billion tokens. However, the circulating supply is currently not specified.
What are the potential use cases for N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS)?
The primary use case for N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) is facilitating online forum moderation by allowing forums to implement graded penalties for rule violators. The tokens can be deposited into a forum wallet and deducted from user accounts based on the severity of their violations. Additionally, N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) could potentially serve as a store of value in an economy where an individual's right to say the N-word holds significant value.
What is the history of N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS)?
The history of N-Word Pass (NWORDPASS) isn't explicitly provided in the text. However, it seems to have been created to address the challenges of online moderation by providing a system for applying graded penalties to rule violators in online forums.